Rawhide bug update.

Busy day. I’m pleased and impressed that 2/3 of the bugs I mentioned yesterday are fixed:

  • S3 sleep works again after applying this patch from Hugh Dickins. I don’t get video or ethernet when I come back, but that’s taken care of by unloading my ethernet driver beforehand, and by killing/restarting X on resume. I should see if using vbetool differently (restorestate, perhaps) helps with that.

  • A CVS commit to lvm claims to fix the problem I had, and the new package is in the buildqueue.

  • Nothing new on my pccardctl eject oops. I’m going to try and git bisect this over the weekend — it’s a nice candidate for bisection, since it was working as recently as 2.6.16 and it’s not clear whether this is a locking problem (the PCMCIA code moved from semaphores to mutexes, but the patch looks sensible) or a netdev problem.

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