Classical guitar on YouTube

I’ve uploaded my first YouTube Video. YouTube is awesome for classical guitar — as well as seeing professionals play, you can watch other amateurs to get fingering ideas for a piece, or work out what you might like to learn next. Plenty of mistakes in my video, but it’s a first attempt.


  1. The chords at the end sound great! like Segovia’s chords 😉 In response to GeorgeFrederickhandel’s question about Fugues being played on the guitar –

    There are many 3 and 4 voice fugues that are commonly played on the guitar such as Bach’s prelude , fugue, and allegro BWV 998 and many other fugues from the violin sonatas and partitas. Even though it takes two fingers to make a sound (except for slurs which are L.H. only) we still have 10 fingers and therefor should be able to play at least a 4 voice fugue. Sometimes holding bass notes for their full duration has to be compromised however one can use articulation to create the illusion that the note is still sounding.

  2. Thanks! No particular hints, other than making sure you have a piece you really want to learn. This was the first piece I’d played with a fugue in, so the time I spent learning it was fun rather than burdensome.

    The forum at has many guitarists posting MP3s of their own creation; it’s a nice way to hear new pieces, and is where I heard the one I played in the video.

  3. Your a cracking player but can one play fugue on the guitar since you (more often than not)need two hands to play one note?

    Regards Alan

  4. Hi,
    Great playing! epecially loved the sound of the last chord – ala segovia!

    In response to George Frederick Handel’s question about fugues on the guitar:

    It does require two hands to play one note, except in the case of slurs, which are produced by the left hand only.

    Fugues are possible however since the guitar is capable of sustaining 3 and sometimes 4 or 5 voices. Check out the Bach fugue from BWV 998 Aka, prelude,fugue, and allegro. This is a 3 voice da-capo fugue originally composed for the lauten-werk (a keyboard instrument invented by Bach).


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