New job!

It’s been a hectic few weeks. Two weeks ago I resigned from Netcraft, and on Monday I started work at One Laptop per Child. I’m loving it already; I’ll try to blog progress as I go. I’m going to be working on performance tuning for the laptop’s kernel drivers and userspace apps. This’ll certainly be the first time I’ve been able to measure performance improvements by “amount of time and energy saved by several million children who are charging their machines by hand”…


  1. Thanks! I thought of you this morning; we’re going to try and get oprofile up on the Geode, if we can. (The performance counters don’t interrupt on rollover, but we can use the RTC..)

  2. Wow… that has got to be a powerful motivator, heh. Don’t let it ruin you if you can’t find that last little leak =x

  3. > I thought it needed a power supply.

    It does, and the pullcord will be attached to that rather than the laptop; using human-generated power wasn’t given up on, just having it be on the laptop.

  4. Congrats Chris. Hope life is still well in Booooston.

    I’ve moved from NY back to LA. greets from the g to the a to the l to the e.

  5. Ah, that’s why I’ve not seen you on #chiark! I still have to grab you for a gale intro.

    It’s great that you’ve got such a job now.


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