Unboxing the OpenMoko phone

What better to go with an open-source laptop than an open-source phone? πŸ˜‰ The Neo1973’s a great looking phone, with the sharpest screen I’ve seen for the form factor. Congratulations to the OpenMoko team!



  1. Will: The black/silver design is what’s being used on the newer models; the first prototypes were orange.

    Personally, I prefer the orange because it goes well with the green OLPC. πŸ˜‰


  2. Will it have a stylus touch screen (Palm Pilot) or Nav buttons. I saw this phone in POPSCI mag. Looking at this or an iPhone…

  3. The rough schedule is that they will be available for developers sometime in March and to regular end users in September.

    The interface there is default matchbox, but will look quite different once all the mockups are made real.

    Being open, you can change it anyway you like… It’s using openembedded.org and ipkg (think embedded apt-get).

  4. Funny to see a phone alongtogether with a notebook with about the same cpu-power πŸ˜‰
    though i hope the UI on the openmoko will be a lot better than on the olpc.

  5. a friend of mine just got an openmoko a week ago – its really cool! we are both programmer and the ability to add your own stuff is pretty awesome. I’m gonna get one soon too, already thinking about stuff to add πŸ™‚


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