EduJam 2011

I’m home from the EduJam conference in Montevideo, Uruguay — huge thanks to the organizers for a fun and productive event with around 80 Sugar and OLPC community members. We also got to spend some days before the conference visiting school deployments in Uruguay and asking about how they’re using their XOs (Uruguay is the first country to have implemented One Laptop Per Child for each of its children!), what they enjoy, and what they’re frustrated by.

I recorded video in the talks I attended, and collected video from people who recorded talks I didn’t, and have started to upload them to the Dailymotion Sugarlabs account. Here’s what I’ve got so far, and I’ll keep adding to the list as I collect more:

Talks in both English and Spanish

Talks in English only

Talks in Spanish only

(Please let me know in the comments if there are problems with any of the videos. Thanks to Bert Freudenberg for help with encoding them.)


  1. YouTube’s limited to 15 minutes per video, though, so it wouldn’t work well for these.

    (There are some YouTube accounts that are allowed to uploaded longer videos, but not mine.)

  2. so break up 1hr videos into 4x15minutes so lower bandwidth users can watch them?
    (I tried embedding a 320px player and even that can’t keep up)

  3. Interesting, the first video won’t buffer, stops and starts, but the second and third play OK and buffer ahead on 1.5Mb

  4. Oh, same here! Very weird. It does buffer eventually if I walk away for a long time..

    I’ll try to work out what’s up, maybe re-upload it.

  5. Chris, thanks for recording and uploading the videos(eduJAM2011!)…for the ones that we dont were there.
    From argentina…Gustavo Ibarra.-


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