Planet WSOP

We have a Planet for the WSOP students now — Planet WSOP.

Thrilled to see that two of our students, Maria Soler and Cecilia Gonzales, were reported on in El Pais, one of the biggest newspapers in Spain. Does anyone feel like coming up with an English translation of the article?

I spent the last week at OLS. My first time there, and a lot of fun talks and parties. Xen and virtualisation really seem to be coming of age; impressive talks on:

Greg Kroah-Hartman’s driver tutorial (photo) and keynote (slides) were excellent — three cheers for anyone who has the guts to stand up and say “Closed-source kernel drivers are illegal” in a room full of Linux vendors — and the systemtap talk and One Laptop Per Child BOF were other favourites of mine.

One of the WSOP students, Monia Ghobadi, also came to OLS to hack on her project (integrating GNU screen with gnome-terminal) with Behdad and I; was lovely to meet and work with her.


  1. Is it possible to integrate their blogs either into the regular pgo, or special Id read it regularly, but if its only going to expire in a couple monthes Im less likely to make a habit of it.

  2. It is too bad that I cannot read Spanish! I got an idea of the content of the articles from google’s automatic translator.

    Two out of six WSOP participants are from Spain. Congrats Maria and Cecilia!

  3. > Is it possible to integrate their blogs either into the regular pgo, or special

    The regular pgo is under strict editorial control, and isn’t for temporary GNOME developers (although we certainly hope our WSOP students will stick around). The general rule is that you need to have a CVS account to be considered for pgo, and we’re waiting until we’ve seen a few patches before giving those to the students.

    But! A permanent “Planet GNOME Women” planet containing the WSOP students and other female developers might be an excellent idea; I’ll ask the gnome-women group what they think.



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