Ohanami 2012, Cambridge MA

(Ohanami refers to the Japanese festival of cherry-blossom viewing, celebrated during the week or or two in which the trees bloom each year. We’ve been getting together with friends to sit under the trees here for the last few years.)

Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2012

Mad and I went to the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade today for the first time, along with a bunch of friendly photowalkers I met on Google+. Here are a few photos I took, the rest are in this Google+ album or this Flickr set, available under CC-BY-SA 2.0:

Photo projects

I love a good photo project. Here are some favourites — feel free to suggest any that you’ve enjoyed in the comments.

Pierre Beteille’s Books/Livres:

Books #13: George Orwell 1984 by Pierre Beteille on Flickr

Irina Werning’s Back To The Future and Back To The Future 2:

The Zurbanos 1999 & 2011 Buenos Air by Irina Werning

Natsumi Hayashi’s Levitating Girl:

Today’s Levitation, Fri.05.06.2011 by Natsumi Hayashi

Adele Enersen’s When My Baby Dreams:

Beginning Forest by Adele Enersen

Carli Davidson’s Portraits of loving pets with disabilities:

Portraits of loving pets with disabilities by Carli Davidson

Adde Adesokan’s Triptychs of Strangers:

Triptychs of Strangers #23, The Kharise Francis herself – London by Adde Adesokan